CHM version of Softimage 2014 User Guide

Click image to download
It’s not hard to do:

  • Download and install the HTMLHelp Workshop.
  • Download the local version of the Softimage User Guide.
  • Generate hhp (project), hhc (toc), and hhk (index) files for the HTMLHelp Workshop, and then compile the project. You can even download a utility that does that for you (well, everything but the compiling part).

    I used to do it with a few ad-hoc perl and python scripts, but that utility works great.

  • Or you could just click that image at the top of the page.

4 thoughts on “CHM version of Softimage 2014 User Guide

      • Thanks for compiling the docs to CHM, I tried to do it myself, wasn’t have much success, probably need to spend more time at it. There are some better alternative programs, although from past experiences converting docs to CHM not as uplifting as converting them to PDF.

        The compiled docs you did, don’t work as I thought they would, when I go to any of the contents within the TOC, the right side shows nothing ?

        About the ad-hoc comment, I don’t personally like to use that word much, to me it breaks the flow of speech πŸ™‚ In your post, after reading it, I had to reverse my nit-pick comment πŸ™‚

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