8 thoughts on “Friday Flashback #135

  1. I the memory…. That was my entry point to Softimage. If I remember correctly, the introduction of Foundation was also promoted with a contest to create an animation (character provided by Softimage). I tried to find the asset but could not find it unfortunately.

    • I still have all the stuff, BTW, box and all. The box (which sport my favorite art – the flower logo – came with a book, the essential dvd, the five production dvds, the software installation cds, etc.) and NO DONGLE. I have a photo of the content if you want it.

      • Hi Daniel

        I’d love a picture 🙂

        For the early versions of Foundation (pre 6.0 I believe) you would not get a dongle. You’d get a registration code and a license key, and you’d enter the license key at startup.

  2. I miss Batch Serve. In my view one of the greatest additions and perfect for small teams. Quite interesting that C4D has added a render manager with EC2 intergration in r15.

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