Friday Flashback #138

Digital Duckroom by Luca Prasso from 1991

From a thread on (excuse the Google translation from Italian):

Duckroom Digital and ‘had an idea in aerero to Montrealprima Siggraph 1990, then made ​​in the offices of Softimage in Montreal in 9 days with the ‘equally legendary Olivier Ozoux. served to show the new features of Inverse Kinematics and Dynamics freshly baked from the R & D for the Soft version 1.63 or 1.65

Luca Prasso worked for Softimage Italy as a demo artist from 1990 to 1994, and then went on to work for PDI/Dreamworks for 17 years as a Character TD.

Bio from 2006:

I discovered that I was able to merge drawing and computer skills back in 1982, when the first personal computers appeared in Italy.
At the end of 1986 I joined Compgraf, a small studio in Verona, when I learned the fundamentals of Computer Graphics.
In 1989 I moved to Milan, working for Techex, as a demo artist of CG hardware and software solution. In 1990 I joined Softimage Italy as demo artist for their 3D software package.
With them I travelled the world demonstrating the products and helping to create animations. In 1994 I realized that the Italian CG market was not moving at the same pace of the rest of the world and I decided to seek a job in the US.
In January 1995 I joined PDI as Character Technical Supervisor. I worked on commercials, special effects, feature films and TV series (The Simpsons, Marvin the Martian). I was a Technical Director in charge of Crowd scenes for Antz.
I worked as Character Technical Director Supervisor for Shrek, that won in 2001 the Oscar™ as Best Animated Feature Film.
I then worked on Shrek 2 (released in 2004), Madagascar and Shrek 3 currently in production at PDI/DreamWorks. I’m currently part of a group in charge of designing and developing the next generation of proprietary software dedicated to character setup.

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