14 thoughts on “Autodesk Softimage EOL

  1. could not believe the rating of 5 star’s … have no idea … but it must a paided-maya-user-by-autodesk …

    • It’ll last for awhile yet. I’ve still got flashback material, and I still run Softimage for work, and people still ask some questions that I can answer, or that I find interesting.

  2. Reblogged this on Cylibral Blog. and commented:
    This is sad to say and know that SoftImage is coming to an end soon.. The next version if SoftImage will be the last according to Autodesk.. One if the best animation softwares is coming towards it’s end to make way for its brothers Maya and 3D max. Who knows what tech will spill over of any.. It’s a sad day in the VFX/animation industry.

  3. “How long will Si-Community.com last ?”
    Too early to tell, I’m afraid. It will continue for now, but we don’t know for how long…

    • Maybe help the remaining Softimage Community for another year. That is the direction I would take then gradually dissolve the board.

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