Softimage 2015 User Guide compiled help file

It took a bit more work this year, but here’s a CHM version (210MB) of the Softimage 2015 User Guide.
The User Guide is available online , and you can also download an offline HTML version.

Update: If you don’t see any content in the right-hand pane, right-click the .chm file in Explorer, and click Unblock.

The CHM version has a better index. I was able to use all the index entries, not just the top-level entries. See the difference in the screenshot below?

This year, I had to generate the CHM toc and index from these huge JScript arrays of anonymous objects. It was actually pretty simple, I just needed one little recursive function to handle arrays that look something like this:

ixdata = [
{ l: '', c: [
{ l: '_ADSK_LicServers', f: './files/distrib_render_SettingUpForDistributedRendering.htm'},
{ l: '.motor (normalized motion) files', f: './files/mocap_SavingAnimationDatainNormalizedMotionFiles.htm'},
{ l: '.xsi_n.n (Linux environment script), editing environment variables', f: './files/configfiles_EditingtheEnvironmentScriptsetenvbatand.htm'}
{ l: '', c: [
{ l: '2-point constraints', f: './files/constraints_ConstraintsbetweenPoints.htm'},
{ l: '2D and 3D chains', f: './files/char_skel_WhatMakesUpaSkeleton.htm'},
{ l: '2D motion blur', f: './files/cam_motion_blur.htm'},
{ l: '2D paint', f: './files/compfx_paint.htm'
,c: [
{ l: 'also raster paint, vector paint', f: './files/compfx_paint.htm'},
{ l: 'background color', f: './files/2D_paint_GettingStartedPaintingonImages.htm'},
{ l: 'brush cursor', f: './files/2D_paint_GettingStartedPaintingonImages.htm'},

12 thoughts on “Softimage 2015 User Guide compiled help file

  1. Weird, I just took the time to re-download it and now it seems to work as expected. But the original download did seem intact. Sorry for the noise…

    • That’s a little strange. Maybe the second download wasn’t blocked for some reason. But at least it works now šŸ™‚

      When I downloaded the file with Chrome, it was blocked:

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