Friday Flashback #214

Words from the Wizard – Nov 1994, second issue
16 pages
Contents: Creative Environment 2.66 c, Plain Facts, Training Tutorial: The Amazing Spider-Frog, Academic Update, Tips and Tricks, Ask the Wizard, Authorized Training Centers, Cool Script

3 thoughts on “Friday Flashback #214

  1. Do you have this “in full” or merely an image of the front page? Due to its age it might be very interesting to read as a whole.

    • I might have a full copy. I think someone sent me the full thing later, and I also think I had a copy from when I left Softimage ten years ago. But I have to find that stuff (I’ve been through a few hard drives in past two years, so all my files have been shuffled around)

  2. I had a couple of those on my desk for a long time. Not sure if I still have them somewhere though, but it was a great thing to read every time 🙂

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