Friday Flashback #479

Part V
From a 2001 “industry backgrounder” published on

Misc. Pull Quotes

“At some point a company takes on a personality of its own and it’s about what it’s doing and the customers it’s serving. If we do our job well, Softimage will transcend all of us, and its vision will continue.”

“It’s easy to have passion in a company of 10 people; having that in a company of 300 is a different story. But, at the end of the day, we still have a group of people who share a belief in what Softimage represents, for its users, for the technology, for going after what they are after.”

“Softimage has always been at the heart of the creative process. This drives the quality of the product, it drives the quality of the service, it drives the behavior of the people down the line. It’s not just about developing technology, it’s about sharing the same passion as the people you’re developing tools for, so that you’re in synch with what they need; it isn’t just for good business, it actually helps all of us progress.”

“One of the reasons why we’ve remained Softimage is because people have something larger than just a business interest, which is the passion for the people we are working for.”

“When you work in an environment where people are passionate about their jobs, about their product, and about their customers, you get it too – it’s contagious.”

“We’ve built an amazing team of bright individuals, with state-of-the-art practices but the overall motivation here is that we’re allowing artists to do their thing and it’s a little bit of our thing. This is what really matters: knowing that you’re contributing to this effort.”

“We’re not kids anymore, though we still like to play a lot!”

“It’s motivating building tools that other people use to create. There are very few companies who can do that, especially at the level we do, working for and with the people that we do. That’s a privilege.”

“In creating, you’re using everything you have, everything you are and whatever tools are available to bring the process to another level. In the intense moments of creation we are using every part of who we are. An artist is someone who has committed themselves to bringing to the world something that didn’t exist before.”

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