The Softimage KB on

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on the Softimage KB at I’ve also been working on Maya and Max KBs, as a reviewer.

Over the next few years we hope to see the KB become a big part of a more Web-based support community. For me, it feels a little bit like starting over; I think Softimage had a good start with the wiki and SOFTIMAGE|NET.

Here’s some of my recent KB articles:

13419971 Loading older scenes that contain volumic light effects
13550180 Softimage render licensing
13541487 audiodisplayfiles (.adf) files
13541480 dsprojectinfo file
13541455 Creating a Softimage project without running Softimage
13541449 Saving scenes outside of projects
13541215 Cannot add a project in the Project Manager
13525006 Invalid project error when saving a scene
13522800 Display problems in OpenGL viewports when using selection tools
13514010 Render Tree does not display shaders connected to Material node
13510724 Warning: objects were not saved normally
13498182 License Management Utility has stopped working
13487723 Product Support Video: Debugging scenes
13468716 Product Support Video: Troubleshooting startup crashes with Process Monitor
13473421 Error: No Interactive Network License Available
13443934 BA_Volume warning about lookup table size when rendering ICE particles
13414068 ERROR : ActiveX component can’t create object
13384366 Softimage crashes at startup when Digital Persona installed
13396844 Setting up network licenses
13386202 Setting up Softimage to use multiple license servers
13376704 Error: The serial number you entered is not valid
13285880 Satellite rendering causes fatal mental ray errors

2 thoughts on “The Softimage KB on

  1. Im about to buy a softimage 7.5 or 2010 licens and a new computer to instal it on and Im woundering if there is anyone that has tryed softimage with a nvidia Quadro FX 580 card. I know that some cards can cause big problems. “The moneyframe” I have to spend on the grapichs card is within this limit so if the 580card is known to be truble maybe you know some other one? I need help fast as the productions is on hold for me. Thanks in advance!

  2. Softimage 2010 Crash when Reading ICE Cached Data!

    I just find a really bad bug in Softimage 2010, when I’m trying to load (read) Cached ICE Tree, Softimage Crashed!
    I have this problem in both Softimage 2010 32 & 64 bit.
    any ideas?

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