SUMATRAPATH is an environment variable that is defined only in Softimage. SUMATRAPATH points to the Application\bin folder in the Softimage folder, and the registry is full of Softimage entries that use SUMATRAPATH to specify the location of DLLs.

In XSI 7.01, you could check whether or not you were in Softimage with this Python code:

import os
app = Application
if os.getenv( ‘SUMATRAPATH’ ) != None :
        app.LogMessage( “you’re in XSI” )
        app.LogMessage( “you’re not in XSI” )

However, in both Softimage 7.5 and 2010, os.getenv(“SUMATRAPATH”) returns None. At least for me it does.

XSIUtils.Environment.Item(“SUMATRAPATH”) does still return the Application\bin path, as does this Jscript:

var oShell = new ActiveXObject ("WScript.Shell");
var oProcessEnv = oShell.Environment("Process");
LogMessage( oProcessEnv( "SUMATRAPATH" ) );

Sumatra was the original code name for the product that eventually became known as Softimage XSI (the Softimage XSI name was unveiled back in March 2000).

2 thoughts on “SUMATRAPATH

  1. I checked 2010 on a couple of machines so far, and both had the same behavior. It seems the Python mirror of the environment does not include SUMATRAPATH, eg os.environ(‘SUMATRAPATH’) returns a KeyError.

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