Installing Softimage 2010

When you install Softimage 2010, you’ll have to enter a product key and a serial number. Just use the product key 00000 and the serial number 000-00000000. That will install Softimage in Trial mode. And if you need to switch to Network licensing later, all you have to do is change an environment variable.

Product Information

Product Key Description
00000 Trial mode product key. Installs Softimage in Standalone licensing mode.
590B1 Softimage product key. You can choose between Standalone, Multiseat Standalone, and Network licensing modes. If you choose Network, you’ll be prompted to enter the license server name.
If you choose Standalone, or if you choose Network and enter the serial 000-00000000, you’ll get the 30-day trial period.
You can switch licensing methods between Standalone and Network.
591B1 Softimage Advance product key. You’ll be prompted to enter the license server name.
If you use the serial number 000-00000000 you can run in Trial mode. You cannot switch back to Standalone mode without reinstalling.

2 thoughts on “Installing Softimage 2010

  1. Ok so I downloaded the trial mode to use before I purchase it as a student. Problem is I cannot get it to work. I am using windows 7 x64 build 7100. I suppose this is the issue but there has to be a workaround. It simply tells me there is no interactive license server available.

    Anyone have a workaround?

    Will this be an issue in a month with a licensed copy on the released windows 7?

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