Softimage and Windows 7

Softimage and the FLEXnet license server seem to work fine on Windows 7. Here are the most common issues we see here in support:

  • The folder C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager is read-only. This prevents the license server from running, because it cannot write to the log file.

    Solution: Make the folder read-write.

  • Ports 2080 and 27000-27009 are blocked by the firewall

    Solution: Add exceptions for the ports.

  • Access denied errors when you try to save changes to setenv.bat

    Solution: When you open a Softimage command prompt or start UserTools, right-click the shortcut and click Run as Administrator.

2 thoughts on “Softimage and Windows 7

  1. The first solution sounds perfect. Perhaps you can also tell us how to do that?
    I can’t use the program. I can’t use “save as” because a message tells me that the disk is write protected. I have two days in which to design 5 projects for a university course. The first two attempts at downloading the program had corrupted files. Is there any way to get a working copy, or can you provide the instructions for the necessary changes?

    • In Windows Explorer, right click the folder and click Properties. Then you can set the Read/Write property of the folder.

      For Save As, did you create a new project? The default project is XSI_SAMPLES and it is usually read-only. If that’s not the problem, then it is something to do with the permissions of your Windows user account.

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