Softimage and Windows 7

Softimage and the FLEXnet license server seem to work fine on Windows 7. Here are the most common issues we see here in support:

  • The folder C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager is read-only. This prevents the license server from running, because it cannot write to the log file.

    Solution: Make the folder read-write.

  • Ports 2080 and 27000-27009 are blocked by the firewall

    Solution: Add exceptions for the ports.

  • Access denied errors when you try to save changes to setenv.bat

    Solution: When you open a Softimage command prompt or start UserTools, right-click the shortcut and click Run as Administrator.

No interactive network license available on Vista, Windows 7

When you install Softimage and the license server on the same Vista or Windows 7 computer, you’ll get the “no interactive network license available” error unless you do one of the following:

  • Use the IPv4 address, not the computer name, to specify the location of the license server


  • Install the IPv6 update for the Autodesk Network License Manager.

By default, on Vista and Windows 7, IPv6 is enabled, and when IPv6 is enabled Softimage cannot use the computer name to connect to the license server. This happens only when Softimage and the license server are on the same computer.