On vacation

I’m off to Buenos Aires for two weeks, so there’ll be no blogging until I get back.
See you then!


PS – The forecast for tomorrow:

Montreal: high -12, low -17 (Celcius).
Buenos Aires: high 29, low 18.

2 thoughts on “On vacation

  1. “NOT” an emergency please enjoy your vacation, Best Regards Dan Empson.
    When you get back, I need to update files regarding XSI6.02 The last time you helped me was Aug.,18,2008 dug out of spm log files.
    I am decommissioning my old computer(WinXP 32bit) and transferring my license over to a new computer(Win7 64bit). I have the original 6.0 install disk and appears to have 64bit installed now the (the old)ETX.req file from windows/system32/spm directory will not transfer over due to new motherboard,hardware and different network interface chip…but we need to update the spm license server(now back to v.LicMgr: 6.0.2006.1218:version 1.1.11 ETX [Build 1408 from 01/24/07 14:18:01]) from install disk v6.0) and update XSI v6.0 to 6.02v, unless I qualify for an upgrade. I was not aware of Autodesk absorption of Softimage until 72 hours ago as I tried former weblinks that deadend to Autodesk and no access to files mentioned above. I have contacted Autodesk# 1-800-551-1490 then received an e-mail form to Get Licence from SPM license manager and e-mailed back to support. I also left a message here to help you avoiding finding me double posting.

    • Hi Daniel

      I just found your message. Unfortunately it went into the SPAM folder.
      Do you still need help, or did you get your license?

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