Error 0x80040707 DLL function call crashed: gdi32.DescribePixelFormat

A Subscription customer reported getting this error during the Softimage 2010 SP1 install. I also saw this reported on the AREA for ModTool. However, these are the only two reports of this error that I have ever seen.

Error Number: 0x80040707
Description: DLL function call crashed: gdi32.DescribePixelFormat
Setup will now terminate.

The customer worked around the error by installing in Safe mode, but later had problems loading his C# plugins. So we tried a silent install of Softimage 2010 SP1, and that seemed to do the trick.

4 thoughts on “Error 0x80040707 DLL function call crashed: gdi32.DescribePixelFormat

  1. Hello, I am also getting this same error regardless of which version of XSI I try. “DLL function call crashed: gdi32.DescribePixelFormat” I am running 64 bit Windows 7, and have tried both to install both XSI Mod Tool 7.5 and 6.0. I had also tried an install after a clean re-boot with all anti-virus software turned off to no avail. I did searches to see if anyone has had this problem and resolved it so that I could as well. Unfortunately I did find quite a lot of topics concerning install problems on 64 bit systems, but no solutions. I feel that I’ve done all that I can do, so am now asking for assistance. Thank You.

    • Did you try installing in Safe mode?
      I’ll see if I can dig up the command-line install instructions for the older XSI versions.

  2. Yes I was able to get it installed in safe mode. During installation a message popped up saying that it did not detect an OpenGL accelerator board on my machine. I was given thew option to install anyways, which I did. I have an ATI Radeon HD 5750. I checked through the ATI CCC control panel, and there is an OpenGL installed and is active. So I’m not sure as to why XSI could not detect it, or if it might cause problems when trying to use the program.

  3. hi,
    recently I bought a new laptop Acer aspire 4750G,
    firstly I was running window7 basic with legal registration, every application was in working condition, but currently I’m using window 7 ultimate, I found one problem when i am installing web cam application some error numer is showing” 0x80040707 dll function call crashed, get brand name, get brand name”.can someone plz help me out.

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