T2S_MentalRay addon

The T2S_MentalRay addon includes copies of Softimage DLLs, such as sibase.dll, and that causes problems in Softimage 2011. I’ve had two cases of shader/workgroup problems that were resolved by removing this addon.

Update: As noted in the comments, the problem is older versions of SPDL files that contain GUIDs used by the Softimage factory shaders. Addon shaders are loaded first, so these SPDLs override the factory defaults and cause problems.

2 thoughts on “T2S_MentalRay addon

  1. It’s not only the .DLLs which collide, but also the mib_cie_d.spdl coming with the T2S_MentalRay Addon.

    I think with the new changes in rendering in 2011 it’s a good idea to start with a completely clean workgroup and only install the things you really need (easier said than done 😉 ).
    I also have a problem, where It adds some old rendertree preset with dozens of nodes every time I drag&drop a constant shader into the rendertree, but only on machines which are connected to an old (2010SP1) workgroup.

    • I have seen something similar to the render tree preset problem you describe (constant shader creates an old rendertree preset). We were able to workaround it by putting all custom shaders (SPDLs, presets, and binaries) into an AddOn and then installing the addon in the workgroup.

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