Refreshing a PPG to see changes to plugin code

Sometimes when you’re editing your custom property code,
you’ll have to refresh the PPG to see the changes.

Just right-click beside the property name (“MyProperty” in the screenshot)
and then click Refresh.

2 thoughts on “Refreshing a PPG to see changes to plugin code

  1. Stephen,

    Why is it the “SDK Guide” states those floating windows are called Property Pages or PPGs, but the “User Guide” states they are Property Editors?

    It appears that in the older User Guides they were indeed called Property Pages, but then were changed to be called Property Editors and to contain Property Sets.

    Also in Softimage under Preferences -> Interaction it shows checkbox adjustments for Property Editors/Views.

    Should the SDK be updated to say Property Editors instead of PPGs?


  2. In the SDK, we’re talking more about what is loaded into a propery editor.

    “property editor” is what we should use when we’re writing for the end user of Softimage.
    For a developer, we’ll use property, or property page, or PPG, because that is what is loaded into the property editor dialog.
    Also, the name “PPG” is used in the SDK itself, so I don’t think we’ll move away from using that term in the SDK docs.

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