Passing arguments to xsibatch scripts

You can use xsibatch to execute a script:

	xsibatch -processing -script %TEMP%\test.js 

The -processing flag tells xsibatch to run without a license (you can do this for anything that does not involve rendering).
The -script flag specifies the full path the script file.

If the script file contains functions, you can specify the name of the function to execute with the -main flag. For example, if the .js file contained a function named “test”:

	xsibatch -processing -script %TEMP%\test1.js -main test 

If the main function takes arguments, you can specify them with the -args flag. For example, if the function is defined like this (in JScript)

	function test( sPath, sList, nValue )
		// [body]

then you would specify the arguments like this on the xsibatch command line:

	-args -sPath "%TEMP%" -sList "X,Y,Z" -nValue 22

Putting it all together, the xsibatch command line would look like this:

	xsibatch -processing -script %TEMP%\test1.js -main test -args -sPath "%TEMP%" -sList "X,Y,Z" -nValue 22

Argument values are passed in as strings, and any quotation marks are stripped off.

Here’s a simple example of a test.js:

function test( sPath, sList, nValue )
	LogMessage( sPath );
	LogMessage( sList );
	LogMessage( nValue );
	LogMessage( typeof(nValue) );

The xsibatch command:

xsibatch -processing -script %TEMP%\test1.js -main test -args -sPath "%TEMP%" -sList "X,Y,Z" -nValue 22

And the output:

 Autodesk Softimage

License information: using [Processing]
COMMAND: -processing -script C:\Users\blairs\AppData\Local\Temp\test.js -main test -args -sPath "C:\Users\blairs\AppData\Local\Temp" -sList "X,Y,Z" -nValue 22
// INFO : C:\Users\blairs\AppData\Local\Temp
// INFO : X,Y,Z
// INFO : 22
// INFO : string

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