XSI List – 2010 retrospective

I compiled these numbers by copying and pasting from an Outlook message list view to Excel, and then creating some pivot tables.

There were 365 posts on threads with “Lagoa” in the subject.

Gear/StudioNest threads came in at positions #11 and #12.

The “test” thread came in at #23, with 39 posts.

Top 10 threads (by number of posts)

Thread Posts
Soft 2011 198
Thanks Autodesk. 125
XSI – ICE UI brainstorming 105
ICE Bullet physics… 84
more lack of exposure (was Thanks Autodesk) 79
Softimage Studios 78
A Softimage message 77
GEAR 1.0.0 Released 74
Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 73
Viewcube tip 68

Top 10 Posters

Poster Posts
Alan Fregtman 463
Eric Thivierge 429
Stephen Blair 338
Steven Caron 278
Raffaele Fragapane 257
David Rivera 245
Joe Williamsen 224
Matt Lind 218
Stefan Andersson 186
Morten Bartholdy 182

1 thought on “XSI List – 2010 retrospective

  1. Thanks so much for this great blog.
    It has informed me of some great Softimage news over 2010 and look forward to more over 2011.

    Thanks again.

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