Disconnected shaders and HotFix2 redux

HotFix2 cannot fix render trees that are already broken. You’ll have to repair those materials after you remove the corruption.

Here’s how to recover a scene and remove the material corruption with HotFix2.

It is critical to restart Softimage during this procedure.

  1. Load the corrupted scene into Softimage 2011 (with HotFix2).
  2. Save the scene.
  3. Restart Softimage.
  4. Load the scene again.
  5. Now you can start repairing your materials.

The connections of corrupted materials are broken upon initial load, but corrupted shaders themselves still remain. After saving, restarting XSI.exe, and reloading the scene, corrupted shaders that are not salvageable have been removed and whatever shaders remain can be used to reconstruct materials.

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