Green points in the viewport???

Now and again a customer will report that they’re getting these green points in the viewport, and they can’t get rid of them.
“Green points” are how “affected points” are displayed in the Shape Manager, but they shouldn’t show up in the viewport.

This usually happens with reference models.
The solution is to clear the Clusters check box in the Delta, and re-load the model.

hat tip: User hamairon on xsibase.

6 thoughts on “Green points in the viewport???

  1. where is the clusters check box? in visibility options of shapemanager, none of the boxes are checked out and still there are this annoying green points in viewport, i can’t get rid off them, plz, help me

  2. thx for the screenshot!
    I imported the model as referenced, set the clusters checkbox to inactive, nothing happened, then I updated the model , still – green, annoying dots.
    I’m working with the actual model, not with the referenced one, and I have no Idea, if it’s a softimage bug or if I am blind and can’t see the button for “green-dots-off”

    • I haven’t ever had a scene with the problem, so I’m going to have to guess a bit: did you ever use the Shape Manager on the model? Maybe it’s something the Shape Manager left behind. Maybe it’s something about a cluster, or an operator on a cluster.

  3. i forgot to thank you for this, man 🙂
    every now and then, i’m experiencing this green-dot-error after xsi crashing while working in shape-manager but this time, your solution really helped.
    (last time in 2013, the scene somehow was completely broken and nothing could fix it)

    so, thx again 🙂

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