Creating keyboard shortcuts for scripts

You can quickly create a keyboard shortcut for a useful script.
All you have to do is drag the script to a toolbar to create a button.
If your button is a “Script Command (external file)”, then the command will be available in File > Keyboard Mapping, in in the Custom Script Command group.

5 thoughts on “Creating keyboard shortcuts for scripts

    • I don’t know if it works this way, but it maybe worth a try to create it as a User Keymap and moving it by hand into your workgroup…

      • I know I’ve put keymaps in addons, so I think copying a key map to a workgroup would work. But you’d have to try…

      • Yes, it works with workgroups. Just create a Application\keymap folder in your workgroup, and move your xsikm files to that folder. Then restart Softimage to pick up the new keymaps.

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