4 thoughts on “Project Photofly 2.1 Now Available – It is Alive in the Lab

  1. I find this usefull script in the area :
    but how can I save the fbx file in a specified directory (i.e. “C:\export\” )

    Thank You,


    //SelectObj(“cone, cylinder, disc, sphere”, null, null);

    var oObjects = new ActiveXObject( “XSI.Collection” );
    oObjects.Items = Selection;

    FBXExportSelection( true );
    oEnum = new Enumerator( oObjects ) ;
    for (;!oEnum.atEnd();oEnum.moveNext() )
    var oItem = oEnum.item() ;
    LogMessage( oItem.fullname );
    SelectObj( oItem );
    // Export selected object
    FBXExport( XSIUtils.Environment(“TEMP”) + “\\” + oItem.name + “.fbx” )


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