Netview and Internet Explorer 9

I’ve posted before that Netview uses the version of Internet Explorer installed on your system. It turns out that, as of IE8, it’s not quite that simple. Thanks to Luc-Eric for pointing this out.

Netview is a hosted version of the Internet Explorer WebControl, and by default, the WebControl displays pages in IE7 Standards mode.

To force Netview to use IE9 mode, you can either set a registry entry

               Internet Explorer
                                   xsi.exe = (DWORD) 000090000

or add this meta tag to your HTML page:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9" > 

I tested the registry entry, and after I set it, this browser detect page correctly said I was using IE9 (before I set the registry, it said I was using IE7).

Also, after setting the registry entry, Netview scored 140 at (before I set the registry, Netview scored 40). Note that IE9 itself scores 141.

3 thoughts on “Netview and Internet Explorer 9

  1. I applied the MetaTab, but what if IE is not installed on the computer ? Netview is not showing the HTML5 document as it looks in a browser in Softimage 2013, unless I have to change the MetaTag to IE10, then it leads me back to the first question, what if IE10 is not installed on the computer.

    Other thing, how come Netview can’t open the HTML document, the exact same dimensions as the content that holds everything, similar to a auto-sizer, or must I apply some Javscript to the page, for now I’m going to assume the latter 🙂

    • I’d like to post an image to compare how it looks in FireFox and Netview, I feel this post is abandoned !

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