PPG logic for ICE compounds

New in the 2012 Advantage Pack: PPG logic for ICE compounds.

In the compound properties, there’s a PPG Logic button that opens up a script editor where you can define some PPG callbacks:

  • OnInit is called when a user opens the PPG.
    You can use this callback for initialization code, but you cannot define the PPG layout (eg add tabs, groups, or buttons). ICE has its own layout code and ignores any PPGLayout you might define.
  • _OnChanged is called when a user changes a value in the PPG.
from siutils import log		# LogMessage

def OnInit( ):
	log("Modulate_by_Fcurve_OnInit called")
	oLayout = oPPG.PPGLayout
# Clamp exposed port
def Clamp_OnChanged():
	log( PPG.Clamp.Value )
# Input Range Start exposed port
def Input_Range_Start_OnChanged():
	log( "Input Range = ( %.2f, %.2f )" % (PPG.Input_Range_Start.Value, PPG.Input_Range_End.Value ) )

# Input Range End exposed port
def Input_Range_End_OnChanged():
	log( "Input Range = ( %.2f, %.2f )" % (PPG.Input_Range_Start.Value, PPG.Input_Range_End.Value ) )

The “PPG logic” is saved in the element of the .xiscompound file.

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