Grouping parameters on an ICE compound PPG

In 2012 AP, you can create groups for your ICE compound PPGs:

  • Edit compound
  • Right-click exposed port
  • Click Properties
  • Use the Group box to add the parameter to a group

Editing the .xsicompound XML may still be the fastest way to do the grouping for large number of parameters. Especially if you’re a markup geek.

The SDK includes a new GetICECompoundPortProperties command that I think makes it possible to write a plugin that pops up a “group editor”. I’m thinking a grid control where you can edit the groups for all parameters, and then call EditExposedParamInICECompoundNode to apply the changes.

Before I knew about this new GetICECompoundPortProperties, I had started writing such a plugin only to find myself blocked because I couldn’t get all the port properties. I had managed to get the groups by parsing through the PPGLayout items, but now that will be even easier with GetICECompoundPortProperties.

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