Pop quiz: Troubleshooting mip shader errors

Do you have what it takes to be a support agent? 😉
Can you solve this problem?

I get these errors when I try to connect the mip_rayswitch_environment shader:

PHEN 0.9 error 051011: shader "mip_rayswitch_environment"not found.
Unable to access 'production.dll'. Please check your installation.

15 thoughts on “Pop quiz: Troubleshooting mip shader errors

  1. First suggestion: don’t use the mip_rayswitch_environment shader… 😀
    Secondly, as the “production.dll” seems missing, maybe a simple runonce.bat might help?

  2. runonce.bat to re-register SPDLs/DLLs is a good suggestion, but in this case, it will not fix the problem. Check the screenshot.

    I’ll post the answer later.

    • Yes, that’s it 🙂 The screenshot shows that Softimage is loading some mip_rayswitch_Environment from the User folder (C:/users/…).
      This little detail (the path in the screenshot) made the case easy to solve.

      mip_rayswitch_Environment ships with Softimage and is in the Factory location, so having another version in the User folder is going to cause problems.

      In this case, it turned out that the user was following an old tutorial, which required installing the mip shaders in the User folder.

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