Screenshots of the week

Command count

Triangulation in ICE – build array for the polygon description in the correct triangle order
by Daniel Brassard

vector field visualization
by Fabricio Chamon

vector field visualization
by Andy Moorer

Mirror position
by Simon Anderson

Mirror position
by Michal Doniec

Orientate strands
by Rob Chapman

Execute only once
by iamVFX

Scatter tools demo

3 thoughts on “Screenshots of the week

    • # Error: ‘Application.Version’ object has no ‘ReleaseDate’

      Just kidding…there will be a release date ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Yes, it only works if you go into your setenv.bat and change the line
        “set AUTODESK_NDA=1” to “set AUTODESK_NDA=0”

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