10 thoughts on “Somethings not right on xsibase…malware?

  1. According to mattmos (moderator @ the xsibase) the problem has been solved, although it might take a while for Google to acknowledge this…

    • I cannot connect either, even if I ignore the warning. But that is because I’m on the Autodesk network, and it blocks “malicious” sites.

  2. I’m not on any corporate related network and I get the same error as you Blair. It may have just been ‘patched’ up, but for parts of the world it doesn’t work. I’ll give it another 24 hours, if nothing I’m going to stop trying, as it’s been almost, if not a week which is enough time for Google to iron out the problem. Time to find an alternative forum for Softimage ?

    • Problem is: to Google, it hasn”t been a week. The xsibase have apparently successfully rid themselves of malware a couple of days ago, but have (again apparently) only just applied for a reevaluation. As an alternative: Surfing the xsibase per proxy server? Or use a different browser?

      • In my case, I’d have to disconnect from work and then go to xsibase, because AD uses the ZScaler web gateway and it blocks xsibase.

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