This week in video

A round-up of some of the Softimage videos posted this past week.

emTools 1.33 – Walk Through New Stuff

ICE Node for reading images at given UV coordinates

compositing images in ICE!

Manipulating colour in images

Psyop Softimage ICE Workshops

ICE-Rope-Rig (with Dynamic Controler Count and nice SubdivisionInterpolation)

Secondary deformations in Ice

Maxscript Modifiers VS Softimage Ice

Softimage – A guide to better reflections

3 thoughts on “This week in video

  1. Does this mean the untimely end of “Screenshots of the week” or is this more of a “one-off”? 😉

    • More of a “one-off”…I was putting together the screenshots of the week, and there were so many videos I decided to do a separate post. I don’t think I got any screenshots from si-community this week, just videos!

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