Friday Flashback #86

December 1994
Canadian Business Enterpreneur of the Year
Daniel Langlois

Incorporates in 1986 to create animation software geared to intuitions of artists and animators. Raises $75,000 by mortgaging house, cashing out pension and maxing out his credit cards.

Backers In 1987, 35 investors pledge $350,000 for one-third of Softimage Inc.

First Sale In 1988, weeks after launch of hte Creative Environment software, Ciné-gorupe Inc. of Montreal buys the $120,000 package.

Breakthrough Actor software module launched in 1991, enhancing animators’ ability to simulate natural movements in 3-D.

Read the full article (PDF)

Wizard of Awe
A genius with a computer, Daniel Langlois
impressed jaded Hollywood with his extraordinary
special effects. So what did he do for an encore?
Merely dazzled the daylights out of Microsoft’s Bill Gates

Sorry for the relatively poor quality of the PDF, but back in 1994, photocopies were pretty low quality.

The image captures are actually more legible, if you don’t mind the small type:

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