Screenshots of the week

Entertainment Creation Suites Digital Magazine, Issue One: Productivity

In case you missed it, this screenshot from the digital magazine sparked a lively discussion on the Softimage mailing list.

by origin

Animation Manipulator
by taro

Create copies from polygon mesh
by iamVFX

Hair vector flow
by Paul Smith

kCS IceRuler 0.91
by Zoltán Ócsai

7 thoughts on “Screenshots of the week

    • Yeah, I know 😉 I was going to write more of a commentary, but then I decided it was maybe better to just leave it alone…

      Basically, as I see it (this is all my opinion based on observation)
      – Autodesk wants to sell suites, not individual products
      – Marketing focuses heavily on suites
      – Suites are either Maya or 3ds Max
      – In the context of those suites, Softimage provides ICE [and Face Robot too I thought]
      – 3ds Max/Softimage workflow supports only particles, IIRC
      – So, we end up with a Particle bubble for Softimage


      • And now we’re merely waiting for THAT bubble to burst
        (or is that taking my cynicism too far) 😉

  1. Holy smokes! And here we’ve been using Softimage incorrectly all of these years for Modeling, Animation, Rigging, and Rendering… when it’s only supposed to be used as a Particle Plugin. 🙂

      • But only if you buy “Premium” or “Ultimate”, which one would think to be a harder sell. Include Softimage as this fabled particle plug-in it apparently is in the Standard suite (at no extra cost) and AD would be taking their own graph more seriously, I’d say…

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