Using the Select Case node to make multi-way decisions

Here’s my addendum to Manny’s nice video on CrowdFX and goals. I use a CrowdFX setup with multiple emitters and multiple goal groups to illustrate the usage of the Select Case node. If you’re already familiar with scripting or programming, the Select Case is nothing new, it’s just like the switch statement in C/C++. But if you’re not a programmer, this will [I hope] help you understand when and how to use Select Case.

3 thoughts on “Using the Select Case node to make multi-way decisions

  1. hey..
    thanx for all these great tutorials..
    i’m trying to make a – Random controlled value – which means.. i want a random distribution for – any thing… materials,Actor Id…etc – with a specific ratios..
    so.. i’ve tried “test random probability” with “if” statements..but i’m not having the desired result..
    this one was to set 25% of actors as ID_00 and 25% as ID_01…ID_02..ID_03
    this is the compound

    thanx in advance

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