Might as well…change the default scene renderer

Goodbye for now, mental ray. Arnold is now my default scene renderer 🙂

File > Preferences > Rendering

Now everytime I start Softimage or create a new scene, Arnold will be the scene renderer. And I’ll have an Arnold light by default (Arnold doesn’t support the default Softimage lights).

And you’ll have all the Arnold render channels.

The SItoA addon includes some events for setting up new scenes when Arnold is the default renderer.

3 thoughts on “Might as well…change the default scene renderer

  1. So what does Arnold do specifically in its self-defined events? And how does this work, when you do want to switch renderers for a specific scene or pass (“Heaven forbid!”), do you have to mute these events manually or does Arnold simply assume you won’t be using another renderer ever again?

    • No, these are just OnNewScene and OnStartup events, and they check if Arnold is the default renderer.
      If you want to switch between renderers (eg different passes) then you will have set up renderer-specific lights and materials.

  2. hi Stephen,
    there is not much content around about arnold, so i really like that you have arnold related posts lately. Hope you keep that 🙂

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