Friday Flashback #94

“Spiro” graphic from back around 2001. This graphic was used in presentations, and as a background in the XSI 2.0 New Features document. The “Innovate, Create, Collaborate” tagline was introduced in 2001 (for example, at GDC 2001) and was created by Therese Bruno (for the XSI 1.5 campaign I think).

5 thoughts on “Friday Flashback #94

  1. So, based upon the tagline and “Friday Flashback #45” I am guessing that this image is from somewhere around or after April 2001? 😉

    • Yes, I think it (the spire logo thingie) first appeared in the xsi 2.0 marketing. I don’t remember where I got the screenshot, I uploaded it to the blog months ago, so I just posted it as is.

      • As the only true (and possibly reluctant? archivist of ancient Softimage memorabilia, dating these things would be appropriate… Otherwise historians won’t be able to use it in their study about forgotten CG related companies…:D

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