2012 Softimage Year in Review

Here’s some of the Softimage-related news and events that caused a buzz during the last year.

top2l October After months of malware warnings and the like, xsibase finally goes down…forever. RIP xsibase.
August Autodesk Lays Off 7% Of Entire Staff and a number of current and former Softimage people were gone. sevenpercent
2013sp1 June Softimage 2013 Service Pack 1 released
Autodesk announces 5% price increase, and changes to upgrade pricing that will take effect 1 Feb 2013
image01 May Autodesk reshuffles Softimage development team. The original Montreal staff moves onto Maya VFX, and Softimage development is now headed up by a team in Singapore.
May Launch event for the Softimage Creatives user group, London chapter. SoftimageCreatives_TypeLogoSmall
autodesksubscription1 27 March Subscription prices change again. For Softimage Gold support, the price change was actually a modest decrease in price, from 900 to 890. BUT this is when many people found out that Softimage subscription prices went up significantly last year (in Europe only).
March Softimage 2013 released…and the crowd goes wild. AutodeskSoftimage2013_boxshot_204x300
V-Ray-Softimage-banner Feb V-Ray for Softimage released.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, obviously, as there plenty of other things that happened during 2012, such as Exocortex Species, SOFTIMAGE|UeberTage 2012, NYC ICE workshops, MotionTools, ProceduralTopoPack, baEssential shaders, emPolygonizer4 version 4.0, Fabric Engine, Fabric Creation Platform, emFlock2, emTools, Exocortex Alembic, Autodesk Softimage Masters nominations for Benjamin Bracamonte, Jeremie Passerin, and Todd Akita, and a Junior Masters nomination for Normand Archambault.

2 thoughts on “2012 Softimage Year in Review

  1. Marc Petit’s departure was a potentially important event for Softimage too, I’d say, but it largely went by unnoticed…

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