Softimage announce and release dates

It’s getting to be that time of year when people start asking about the next version…

You can probably get a pretty good idea of when to expect Softimage 2014 by looking backwards. So, here’s the dates that previous versions were announced and released (data gathered via google).

Release Announced Released
2013 27 March 2012 12 April 2012
2012 01 March 2011 07 April 2011
2011 15 March 2010 06 April 2010
2010 03 August 2009 14 Sept 2009
7.5 23 Feb 2008 23 Feb 2008

7 thoughts on “Softimage announce and release dates

  1. I think your announcement date for Softimage 2010 might be wrong. This was somewhere in August 2009, if I recall correctly. My own post about the announcement on the si-community was dated the 3. of August 2009 ( )

  2. I wonder if it might take longer since a lot of the core team are gone.
    Atleast i hope to see soon what new goods it brings, i hope ice get’s more power by being able to acces more things in softimage.

    • I don’t think the change of teams can be used as a valid excuse for delays anymore. They used up that excuse already when they told us there wouldn’t be a SAP/Extension last year…

      • There’s a release schedule to stick to, and that is determined far in advance. In general, SAPs were on their way out at Autodesk. I had people in other divisions telling me that years ago.

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