Collection methods and the documentation

The SDK reference page for PluginCollection says that it implements the inherited methods Find, Filter, and GetAsText.
But it doesn’t. And according to the object hierarchy, it doesn’t have a base class (so where do those inherited methods come from 🙂

I can’t really remember anymore, but I think all the collection objects derive from a now-undocumented base class; or at least the documentation pretends they do (that made it simpler to auto-generate the pages). That’s why they all have inherited methods and properties, and they all have the same scripting examples.

If we use the OLE-COM Object Viewer that comes with the Windows SDK 7.1, we can check out the object model type library and see what methods PluginCollection really does support:
ITypeLib Viewer

Note: On a reference page, the yellow highlighting marks inherited methods and properties.

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