7 thoughts on “Softimage 2014 SP1

    • Softimage and Maya have never supported the current Fedora version. They have always been a few versions behind. I don’t remember the reasoning or the explanation for why that is, sorry.

  1. i think thats silly too, but the system requirements say “at a minimum” you need fc14. and at least maya and mudbox actually run on fc18 or ubuntu 13.04. not only does softimage 2014 sp1 not run on fc18, when i contacted spport having trouble runnng it on fedora they didn’t even ask what version,they just said they wouldn’t help because my issue required technical support. thats real screwy.

      • well, not meaning to argue, but autodesk wouldn’t provide me support for fc14 or any version. as i said, without asking the version, support refused to help and closed my ticket because i needed technical support. but if you could provide some tips to get it running in fc18 or ubuntu 13.04, i’d be most grateful 🙂

      • If this is a new purchase (not an upgrade), then you have 90 day up and ready support. After that, if you are on Subscription then you can contact the Technical Support team. If not, then you can use the support forums, or one of the non-Autodesk communities (like si-community).

        In any case, Fedora 14 is the supported distro. If you have some problem specific to Fedora 18, then they won’t necessarily be able to help.

        This Softimage user set up Fedora 18:

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