5 thoughts on “xsisupport vacation pics

  1. Very nice…
    Did you do any cycling when in France (or in Italy for that matter)?
    They do have some nice mountains to climb… 😉

    • Nope, no cycling. I did run a few times in Tuscany. It’s very hilly which made for some good runs 🙂

      I thought I might rent a bike while I was at the villa in Tuscany, but really there wasn’t time. We were there just a week, and we did a lot of day trips.

      • In true style you should have actually taken your own bike with you to Europe (at horrendous cost and for no practical reason btw),,,

      • Maybe next time I’ll take my bike 🙂 But even bringing running shoes is a hassle, when you’re trying to travel light.

        There were a couple of times I did miss my bike. Like when we’d see the guys cycling in Tuscany on beautiful roads on lovely early summer evenings…

        On the other hand, the roads were beautiful, but they were still single-lane roads with no shoulders and cars going 70 KPH. Not quite my cup of tea.

  2. Ah, but that’s authentic European road cycling for you! If you look at the speed professional cyclist achieve uphill, but more importantly downhill on streets that are hardly safe when you take them slowly, it’s a miracle there are so few (relatively speaking) accidents…

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