Oops. Multiply scalar by scalar by array may crash Softimage

While building an ICE tree version of this parametric equation
I discovered how to crash Softimage 2014 SP2 by doing a Show Values on the output of a Multiply node:
The key is that you have to set and then get the values later, and the array has to be the final term in the multiplication. Somehow this intuitively feels like something where things could wrong…

Here’s a clearer picture from Softimage 2014 SP1, which doesn’t stop working immediately:

I tested as far back as 2013 SP1, and they all crashed.

2 thoughts on “Oops. Multiply scalar by scalar by array may crash Softimage

  1. What is the start, end and step of the build linear interpolated array?
    Have you tried a separate set data for the array?

    (you may have found why my fractal tests were crashing Softimage as i was doing the same thing but never occur to me this was a problem. I thought I was crashing Soft because of memory overload)

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