Friday Flashback #133

1998. The Sumatra logo derives from nautical and navigational imagery, such as a sextant, astrolabe, or compass. It’s also suggestive of a gyroscope, but is not a literal translation of any of these objects. This logo imagery is used to elicit the idea of a vast, unexplored environments as well as to recall the renowned navigability of the product. The “axis” suggest cartesian planes, and the arcs communicate motion/animation about a point of origin. The rough, hand-drawn character of the lines lend it an asiatic quality, in keeping with the graphic design of our other product logos.
— Charles Migos, User Interface Designer

7 thoughts on “Friday Flashback #133

  1. A complete explanation of the former Softimage Logo. I’ve always wondered what the actual meaning of the logo was.

    The new logo is a Origami “S”, pretty self-explanatory.

  2. Do you have any idea who (as in: what designer, which firm) did this, as I assume this wasn’t necessarily based on a doodle by Chinny, for instance? It’s still a thing of beauty, obviously, way stronger as a logo than the current one.

  3. BTW: I’m getting a lot of “Sorry, this comment could not be posted” errors. Not always, obviously. but increasingly often.

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