Friday Flashback #142

Thanks to Emilio for suggesting this topic for a flashback.



Before Softimage started shipping with Phoenix Tools ParticleSuite in 1999, SOFTIMAGE 3D had its own standalone particle system. If you wanted your particles in a SOFTIMAGE 3D scene, you had to follow this procedure:

  • Render the SOFTIMAGE 3D scene within SOFTIMAGE 3D, using the SOFTIMAGE renderer with the Render Z Channel option selected in the Render Setup dialogue box.
  • Load the SOFTIMAGE 3D rendered images into the Particle renderer as background images.
  • Render the particle animation. Then composite the particle animation using the depth information from the z-channel of the SOFTIMAGE 3D rendered images to create seamless three-dimensional
    animation with a particle effect.

Here’s an overview of the SOFTIMAGE|PARTICLE interface (from the Particle User Guide) and a few screenshots of the viewport.




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