Softimage 2010 Pricing and Availability

See the press release for Softimage 2010 pricing.

Note that the specified prices (SRP and upgrade) for Softimage 2010 Windows are for a standalone licenses. Network licenses are more expensive than standalone licenses.

Also, Linux licenses are always network licenses. That is why the press release shows a price difference between Softimage 2010 Windows and Linux: the Windows price is for a standalone license, and the Linux price is for a network license.

Softimage Advanced licenses are always network licenses (since Advanced includes Batch licenses, you need floating licenses to be able to use your Batch licenses on render nodes).

3 thoughts on “Softimage 2010 Pricing and Availability

  1. Steve,

    I’m on Subscription and have a network license for 7.5 (not advanced). When the new 2010 comes out what will be the cleanest way, or best procedure for updating to 2010? Does 7.5 need to be removed? Or will 2010 just install separately to 7.5 without conflict?

    My environment is:
    – Vista Ultimate 64 SP1 – X58 i7 940
    – Softimage and license server are on the same machine.



    • You do not have to remove Softimage 7.5. Every Softimage version is a complete, separate installation. There will be no conflict.

      You will have to install a new license, and I’ll cover that in an upcoming post.

  2. Steve,

    That’s perfect sir. Having to deal with so many different methods of software installation and upgrading hoops makes things frustrating at times, but I am relieved that Softimage makes theirs clean and easy.

    Thank you very much!


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