2010 network licenses are cross-platform

When you get a Softimage 2010 network license, you can use that license to run XSI.exe or xsibatch.exe on either Windows or Linux.

Softimage 7.5 licenses were not cross-platform, because we used FLEXnet licensing on Windows, and SPM licensing on Linux. But as of 2010, the Linux version now uses FLEXnet licensing too.

1 thought on “2010 network licenses are cross-platform

  1. Steve,
    I work with an Autodesk reseller and just got on board with SoftImage product after the acquisition. The 800 number for softimage support is dead I think because each time I call, I get a voicemail and no return calls after that. Is there any way you can help me out? Connect me with someone who can provide support to resellers?
    Rahul Verma
    Ideate Inc.
    San Francisco CA

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