Checking .xsicompounds for no category and no tasks

As I posted yesterday, an ICE compound with no category and no task will not show up in the Preset Manager. Here’s a Python script that checks .xsicompound files and reports any that are missing both the category and tasks attributes.

I use ElementTree to parse the .xsicompound XML, and get the category and tasks attributes from the xsi_file element, which looks something like this:

<xsi_file type="CompoundNode" name="abScatter" author="Andreas Bystrom" url="" formatversion="1.4" compoundversion="1.0" constructionmode="Modeling" backgroundcolor="7765887">

Here’s the script.

from siutils import si		# Application
from siutils import sidict	# Dictionary
from siutils import sisel	# Selection
from siutils import siuitk	# XSIUIToolkit
from siutils import siut	# XSIUtils
from siutils import log		# LogMessage
from siutils import disp	# win32com.client.Dispatch
from siutils import C		# win32com.client.constants

from xml.etree import ElementTree as ET
import os, fnmatch

# Generator function for finding files
def find_files(directory, pattern):
     for root, dirs, files in os.walk(directory):
         for basename in files:
             if fnmatch.fnmatch(basename, pattern):
                 filename = os.path.join(root, basename)
                 yield filename

# Check .xsicompound file for category and tasks attributes
def check_xsicompound( f ):
		tree = ET.parse( f )
	except Exception, inst:
		print "Unexpected error opening %s: %s" % (f, inst)

	# Get the xsi_file element
	xsi_file = tree.getroot()

#	name = xsi_file.attrib['name']

	# Check the category and task elements
	cat = False
	tasks = False 

	if 'category' in xsi_file.attrib and xsi_file.attrib['category'] != '':
		cat = True
	if 'tasks' in xsi_file.attrib and xsi_file.attrib['tasks'] != '':
		tasks = True

	# return False if both are blank
	return cat or tasks


# list of compounds with no category and no tasks
compounds = []

# check all compounds in all workgroups
for wg in si.Workgroups:
	d = siut.BuildPath( wg, "Data", "Compounds" );

	for filename in find_files(d, '*.xsicompound'):
		b = check_xsicompound( filename )
		if not b:
			compounds.append( filename )

log( "%d compounds found with no category and no tasks:" % (len(compounds)) )
for f in compounds:
	log( f )

6 thoughts on “Checking .xsicompounds for no category and no tasks

    • You need to replace the from siutils import statements with this:

      from win32com.client import Dispatch as disp
      from win32com.client import constants as C
      si = disp('XSI.Application')
      log = si.LogMessage
      sidesk = si.Desktop
      sidict = si.Dictionary
      sifact = disp('XSI.Factory')
      simath = disp('XSI.Math')
      siproj = si.ActiveProject2
      sisel = si.Selection
      siuitk = disp('XSI.UIToolkit')
      siut = disp('XSI.Utils')
  1. # ERROR : Traceback (most recent call last):
    # File “”, line 65, in
    # b = check_xsicompound( filename )
    # File “”, line 32, in check_xsicompound
    # print “Unexpected error opening %s: %s” % (xml_file, inst)
    # NameError: global name ‘xml_file’ is not defined
    # – [line 32]

    SI2012.5 Win7/64

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