#include statement in JScript

JScript doesn’t include anything like the #include statement, or like modules in Python.

But what you can do is read the contents of a file into a string, and then eval() the string. For example:

var fso = ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
var f = fso.OpenTextFile( "//server/scripts/toinclude.js", ForReading );
var s = f.ReadAll();

Note that if there’s any errors in the included code, you won’t get the right line numbers in the error messages.

In JScript, another approach would be to create a custom object that has all the helper functions as methods. For an example of that kind of thing, check out the WizardHelperObj object in


Then you just provide one custom command that returns an instance of the custom object to whatever code needs to use the helper functions.

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