Softimage 2013 EULA is eighty thousand characters

That’s 80,000 characters, not including spaces. Here’s a graph of the EULA size over the Softimage releases.

Inspired by The Wengerd Report: AutoCAD 2012’s EULA is now 60,000+ characters. Be sure to read them all

It looks like the M&E EULAs were one release behind the AutoCAD EULA. The big size increase didn’t happen until the 2013 release.

I didn’t see a big change in SHOUTING in the EULA. The 2013 EULA had 7404 upper-case characters, and the 2012 had 7889.

6 thoughts on “Softimage 2013 EULA is eighty thousand characters

      • I understand πŸ™‚ I had to google it first though. I did find one bible code generator app, but I didn’t find anything (three instances of the word “borg”, but no “we are the borg”…)

      • Yes, plain horizontal and vertical alignment struck me as too boring somehow…
        The fact that you haven’t found any significant hidden messages in the EULA probably stems from the fact that everything is “hiding in plain sight” BTW πŸ˜€

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