Rendering a world position pass with Arnold

You can use the Arnold_Point AOV to create a world position pass (an AOV is the Arnold equivalent of a render channel). Here’s the Arnold_Point render channel in the render region:

A world position pass (aka a position map), is an image where each pixel’s R, G, B colour values represent the x, y, z coordinates of the corresponding vertex, in 3D world space.

If you loaded the rendered position map into the FxTree, or Composite, you can see that the RGB values correspond to the XYZ position coordinates:



5 thoughts on “Rendering a world position pass with Arnold

      • 2.5ish until my project ships….. I dont see the big list like you are showing, but a rather truncated version. I will try running the comand after my render stops.

      • is there a way to get a world y postion pass?this seems to be screen space?

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