Saturday Snippet: russian roulette

I commented out the things that would actually “shoot a bullet”.

CrashXSI() is an actual Softimage command, but it doesn’t do anything in a release build.

import random

# bullets
def crashxsi():
	Application.LogMessage( "Bang!" )
def blank():
	Application.LogMessage( "Try again" )
def losework():
	Application.LogMessage( 'NewScene( "", False )' )
	#Application.NewScene( "", False )
def quitxsi():
	Application.LogMessage( "Application.Quit()" )

#load chambers
chambers = {1: blank,
			2: crashxsi,
			3: quitxsi,
			4: blank,
			5: blank,
			6: losework
#spin and shoot
chambers[ random.randint(1,6) ]()

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