Saturday snippet – ShaderDef attributes

Getting shaderdef attributes.

si = Application
#sdef = si.GetShaderDef( "Softimage.BA_particle_density3.1.0" )

sdefs = si.ShaderDefinitions
print sdefs.Count # 1390

for sdef in si.ShaderDefinitions:
	print sdef
	for n,v in map( None, sdef.Attributes.Names,sdef.Attributes.Values ):
		print "   %s=%s" % (n,v)

For most shaderdefs, the only attributes are “shaderlocation” and “thumbnail”.
Softimage.BA_particle_density is one of the few that has anything more interesting. If a Softimage.BA_particle_density shader exists in the scene, you’ll get this:

# Softimage.BA_particle_density3.1.0
#    shaderlocation=3
#    thumbnail=particle.bmp
#    {C535FA4D-E44A-45EB-AEE0-9F9AAEA91745}=None
#    {20ECB4F8-A4A1-44FE-956A-0F6E98D541A8}=Color,Id,PointVelocity,Orientation,Size,PointPosition,Age,AgeLimit,StrandPosition,StrandVelocity,StrandSize,StrandOrientation,StrandColor

If you look at the BA_particle_density3 spdl, you’ll see that that last attribute corresponds to the “ICEattribute” entry for the output parameter. That ICEattribute tells Softimage to pull date from the ICE tree during rendering.

Version = "";
Reference = "{047CA80F-9EED-4507-9F83-4BB77C01DFC1}";
PropertySet "BA_particle_density3_params"
	Parameter "out" output
		title = "BA_particle_density3 output parameter";
		guid = "{0B955B1D-CCBA-4B68-9CD3-ABE9467D665D}";
		ICEattribute = "Color,Id,PointVelocity,Orientation,Size,PointPosition,Age,AgeLimit,StrandPosition,StrandVelocity,StrandSize,StrandOrientation,StrandColor";

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